About Us

In general

Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. is a Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi’s company established with great vision of producing and exporting various sorts of vegetables, fruits and flowers. All the products meet European and Middle East market standard. This shows that Ethiopia has a potential of producing high quality vegetables and fruits.

Ethiopia is a country with different altitudes, temperatures and soil variability’s. These wide range of different conditions makes it possible to grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits and roses.  On our 6 farms, more than 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown all year round. The production locations are carefully selected. They all have their own suitable climate to create the best growing condition for each and every single product we grow.  The altitude and temperature of these areas, the texture of the soil, and the content of the water is proved to be suitable for horticulture activities. According to the specific requests of the product, Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. selected the best places for growing them. We grow them, where they love to grow!

As we are certified for the European market, our customers are assured that our vegetables are produced according to European standards. Food safety is guaranteed through strong food hygiene rules and regulations related to the certification. Because of the top quality products, Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. enables to serve high class supermarkets and hotels in all the export destinations. It has proved itself to be the best supplier of vegetables to the Middle East, especially Dubai and Jeddah market with a brand name of Veg+.





We strive to be the leading year around vegetable producer and exporter in East Africa with a strong customer focus, offering the best quality and the best service in the region.


We strive to maintain our position as the biggest vegetable exporter in Ethiopia, providing a wide assortment of healthy and safe products to serve clients worldwide. Commitment and strategic partnerships are firm pillars under our marketing strategy.

Our quality management on certified production locations in 2012  will be strengthened to further secure sustainability. A minimum of 15% of our total production will be organic certified in the coming 2 years.

Our profit will be invested in expansion, local communities, the environment and HR. Within the organization, we put a high value on personal growth and recognition of our employees.