Ethiopia is a country with different altitudes, temperatures and soil variability’s. These wide range of different conditions makes it possible to grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits and roses.  The company has selected four different production locations to grow their products: Holeta, Bishoftu (Debre Zeit), Koka, and Tikur Wuha. The altitude and temperature of these areas, the texture of the soil, and the content of the water is proved to be suitable for horticulture activities. Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. selected the products which grow on these five different production location, according to these specific conditions and the products request.

We grow the vegetables there were they love to grow!

2 farms: vegetable production (Jittu Horticulture PLC) and flower production (Ethiodream PLC)
Holeta is on a 40 km distance from Addis Abeba and lays on an altitude of 2400 meter above sea level. Maximum temperature is around 24 degrees. The annual rainfall is 1250 mm per year. This production site is chosen to produce strawberry’s, blackberry’s, Brussels sprouts and apples. Strawberry is the main product of this farm. Because of the low temperature the strawberry grows slow and get’s big. This makes them containing a lot of vitamins.

Next to producing vegetables, we produce 6 varieties of roses in Holeta: Respect, Antartica, Bella Rose, Duet, Orange Fizz and Deep Water. These flowers are exported for the European and Middle East market. On our farm in Holeta it´s possible to produce premium quality as we are growing on a high altitude. This makes it for these roses very suitable.

Bishoftu (Debre Zeit)
Debre Zeit is on a 45 km distance from Addis Abeba an lays on an altitude of 1850 meter above sea level. Maximum temperature range between 17 – 25 degrees with an average rainfall of 1100 mm per year. On Debre Zeit farm we are producing on a heavy clay soil which is very suitable for different kinds of lettuce and cabbages. These vegetables like the mid-highland circumstances of small range in temperature. 

Koka is at an 100 km distance from Addis Abeba and is situatied at 1600 meter above sea level.  It’s a little more warmer at day and by night.  Maximum temperature between 25 and 27 degrees and an annual rainfall of 900 mm. This place is suitable for all items, which like to be grown in low altitude, hot season crops, especially water melon.

Tikur Wuha/Hawassa
Tikur Wuha farm is on an 260 km distance from Addis Abeba, Oromia region). The maximum temperature range between 22 and 27 with an annual rainfall of 1300 mm per year. The altitude is 1700 meters. We find here a sandy soil which has very nice growing conditions for all tomatoes, paprika’s and chilies. They are grown all inside in greenhouses to protect them against insects, wind and rain. Courgettes and papaya’s are grown here outside.Tikur Wuha farm has the most advanced and intensive vegetable productions system of all our farms.